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(Secrets Youll Never Imagine! Its We do have return policies, and if I am there I will inforce them. We got your back! What Everyone Should Know About the Walmart Return Policy, Don't Let the Costco Return Policy Give You a Hard TimeDoNotPay Can Help, All You Wanted To Know About the Ulta Return Policy, Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About the Nordstrom Return Policy. Can I Return Used or Damaged Items to T.J. Maxx? However, TJ Maxx will accept returns in exchange for store credit after the 30 or 40 days have passed, as long as the item is in good condition and you provide the receipt. T.J. Maxx makes it simple to return things with no difficulty. The return policy is designed to maximize the value for the customer. You should also prepare a delivery confirmation email to expedite the verification procedure. Its loved because theyll take back most items even after the return window has closed. Cloths everywhere laying around or is that just your consumer delusion of being right that makes u think we get paid enough to clean up ur [censor]? I am a TJX employee (cashier) in RI, and we get the same amount of filthy, messy, rude pigs who think they are better than everyone and destroy the store and expect us to clean up after them. AMEN! How Long Do You Have To Wait To Get A Refund? If a customer wants to return a product, they must fill in a sign-in form to tell the company what they are returning. Customers must be clear what the retailers return policy is. For example, a shopper may buy two different style dresses or one dress in two sizes with the intention of only keeping one a practice known as bracketing. i dont want them voting. I do hope TJ Maxx realizes that they need to pay their employees more and give them much more than a 10% employee discount. Why customers think that us calling will result in an increased likelihood of the other store finding the item that they are requesting is beyond me. My manager nor I recieve a call from corporate cause the customer knew I was right and they were wrong. there are some good customers. Purses and special occasion dresses are also not returnable because they are often unique. Employees who start taking things personally and mouthing off about petty things should be put in their place or gotten rid of. We barely have payroll to get our work done ! To get a full refund for your online purchase at, do all of the following: Check the receipt sent with your order to verify that the items are eligible for returns. Leave your xenophobic racist BS at home thnx And don't yell at me in broken english calling me an illegal immigrant We waited a few hours and went back to the same TJMaxx to see if they had put the purse back on the floor. It's insulting. We're not [censor] and we are just as good as you are. Also I find the security "LP" absolutely useless and pathetic! Quality & Prices. All You Need To Know About the Jet Return Policy. They most likely do not have it or they will put us on hold for 20 min and say the don't have it. Read also: What Is TJ Maxx Return Policy after 30 days (Secrets Nobody Is Talking About). - Caitlyn Johnson. Not only do they What Is TJ Maxx Return Policy after 30 days (Secrets Nobody Is Talking About). Store credit is issued after T.J.Maxx receives the return. Please note that you should have received a confirmation email from us immediately after your purchase. After months of harassment and telling her do not call I found out what to do from a lawyer that comes to the senior center. I now try to not ever return anything but it is hard. Well, weve got you covered. As for the recovery of stolen property -- I can't address that on the legal side. At least I am a key carrier, and if there is no one else around I am the one in charge. card). According to insiders , Wednesday is the best day to shop. They've been swept because an employee that is often stuck working there has bought not onebut two brooms and two dust pans so far so she can sweep it. 8. i would not work around them if i didnt have to. Lindsey is based in Morgantown, West Virginia. That's horrid. Thank you for sharing! T.J. Maxx is a great place to shop because it doesnt take returns. run fast and far. What truely infuriates me is that they will ask you to do this when there is 10 ppl in line at customer service and you are the only person ringing there. When I have the cashier the purse, she calls for assistance from a senior cashier or supervisor maybe. you generate much more loss than you do profit. The only way they might stop stealing is if we actually get a good security system. We also have the latest information on return policies from other major companies, such as eBay, Target, and Walmart. If you dont like the item youre buying, you have a whole month to return it. I blind bought a fragrance at TJ Maxx. I'm on medical leave because i had a surgey . 2. The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customers satisfaction. TJ Maxx Return No Receipt Latest Update 2022, When Does TJ Maxx Restock? Heres how to use our app to request a return in three steps: If you like what we have to offer, know that we can send return request letters to all of these companies and many more: Returns with receipts give you the right to an exchange or refund. I guess she was trying to figure out if I was a mystery shopper? Anyway I can't believe people in Santa Clara are just as bad as people in Rhode Island you would think that out in California since the cost of living is so much higher that there people would be more classy but apparently it's not so. if a customer asks to speak with a manager about their return, i PRETEND to ask them in my headset, and then tell the customer that my manager agrees with me. Does Sams Club Take EBT in 2023? If your return takes more than that, youll get store credit instead, Final sale items and those with similar restrictions are not eligible for a return. If it makes you feel better, we have no weekends off either until after inventory in January, and even then, we only get one weekend a month. When you return an item to the store, you do not have to provide a receipt. "5. There are a few exceptions to that rule, though. After clicking to create the Gift Card, we have to wait until the product is shipped to our store before we can access the Gift Card and use it. It's easier." Yes, I believe customers are right to a fault . Furs, watches, and jewelry have to be returned within 30 days of shipping; other non-discounted items can be returned within a year of shipping but the customer will be credited at the current selling price, which is not necessarily a full refund. It was ridiculous as I spend so much money at these stores. Most customers are very messy and steal. We have been shopping at the brand since moving to the States in the 90s, and it really is up in the air now whether we will again. (Schedule, deals) in 2023, TJ Maxx Dog Friendly Policy in 2023, Latest Update, Does Home Depot Copy, Make Keys 2023 Key Copy Price, Amazon Holidays Pay: Pay Rate & Schedule In 2023. It is only Coach Outlet that charges for mail returns. I love this company but I would never refer anyone to this one store location. Well, weve got you covered. We've been open only a year and not once has our fitting rooms been mopped. You should only return anything if you need it. If an item is returned for a reason other than poor quality, it will not be refunded in full. She started scanning each item tag to see if the brand name matched the tag! that "some" of our customers deserve to shop in. But in all honesty, these are the exact what I use and recommend to everyone, even my own family. I dont understand hahahaha. WebTJ Maxx offers a similar return policy as many other stores, which states exchanges after 30-days are given but only in the form of store credit. Can You Return an Item Without a Receipt at T.J. Maxx? Note to Customers: Apart from being your shortcut through returning your faulty items to merchants, our app can do so much more! The TJ Maxx return policy is both loved and hated at the same time. Management knows this, its about time the clerks learn this lesson also. you set frying pans on the floor next to the purses. There is no magical machine that gives the cheapest price on everything. TJMaxx has a problem in Evansville, Indiana if this is going on. We even had Ricky's daughter come into our store and steal wallets right in front of the manager! Why are they always gone on the weekends? The manager approved the few other items but I was disgusted that I was treated like this. Why is that? This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. $5 adds up a few million times We take back so much old junk, worn, and thrift-store items Books published in 1962 obviously ain't ours. To learn more about TJ Maxx you can also read our articles on Does Marshalls Accept Apple Pay, TJ Maxx Return Without Receipt and When Does TJ Maxx Restock. While Nothing I guess. Customers receive refunds or exchanges according to the terms and conditions for the credit card or other payment method they used. The results of these measures are an expected delay in return processing and a slower response from the customer service. Today, the bracelet broke and Ive seen parts of the necklace start to come apart too. T.J. Maxx- 1. Underclothes have to be within 24 hours of receipt only. Please check the email to make sure your purchase was successful. When my boss isn't working I enforce the return policy of 30 days and if no receipt then they get a return card and I don't care how much it is even if its an exchange with .50 left to purchase it goes on a return card. If you return an item to the T.J.Maxx store, youll get your refund to the original payment method or store credit immediately after approval. T.J. Maxx has a policy of not accepting items purchased at one of their stores to be returned to another T.J. Maxx store. TJ Maxx doesnt place a limitation on how many times you can return an item. you drop clothes on the floor and dont pick them up. But when it comes to returning TJ Maxx to Marshalls, then no, you can only return the item to the chain store where you purchased it. You cannot return merchandise to TJ Maxx with no receipt. you allow them to deface, scratch, chip, draw on, kick, drop, throw and destroy merchandise, so that when a decent customer sees a chair they would like to buy, they dont, because you have ruined it. If you're a Sephora or Ulta shopper, you may be accustomed to testing out beauty products before purchasing them. To return an item by mail, follow the instructions: Whether youre returning an item to Costco, Sephora, or T.J.Maxx, the processing is always the fastest in their respective stores. It didnt add up(it was too cheap for that type of purse, it didnt have a tag, the tag was in the purse). If you want things to really change, you have to address it with corporate. The report says that shoppers' willingness to pay for online returns is falling, as retailers begin to pass on the cost. I would love for corporate to come and stay with this tj maxx for 1 months and ask employees anonymously questions about the store manager and how its ran. Every store seems to operate differently. i am a csc, and let me tell you, i will refuse a return if i see fit, and i will tell my cashiers to do the same. I couldn't have said it better myself. I also trained each and everyone of our cashiers.. no ticket no reciept no return. However, TJ Maxx will accept returns in exchange for store We are allowing people who commit fraud to keep committing fraud because we fear them complaining to corporate. I found a nice leather purse (forest green) marked $39 instead of $99. How many years does it take to get rid of crooks? i completely agree with you. BUT, on the corporate side, the company writes off losses - so it's a monetary gain, of sorts, at least on accounting and tax document paper. This policy only applies if you bought the item in-store, but if it was purchased online, you can return it for store credit. Free returns and flexible policies are also driving serial returners to view purchases as "risk-free discoveries," the report found. Well come to find out the tag that was on the purse was from another purse.I was looked at like I'm a criminal. As mentioned above, you will only receive a gift card that is preloaded with the value of the item that you return to TJ Maxx. (Operation Hours & Holidays), How to Order Medicine Ball on Starbucks App in 2023? I hate it when they come up to you and demand their money back when they have no proof of purchase. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I understand that most of that stuff is secondhand and offered at discounted prices but no one wants secondhand service.. That is what I received at the Conyers Tj Maxx. I am also a Tj maxx employee in Washington state for 3 years and I have never dealt with a STORE manager that treats you so unfairly and I am not one to complain. WebTJ Maxx will no longer accept returns without receipts, but the policy allows customers to exchange the merchandise when the quality is not to their liking. go and shop at target. If you purchased a gift card, you must present the original gift card on arrival. (not What You Think), Doordash Driver Going Wrong Way (how To Contact + More). Days of purchase at occasion gowns is online purchases has original form. I often mention this to the rude staff and management that they will reap what they so because they will soon be out of a job, and sure enough, within weeks if not months, those same rude salespeople have sorry looks on their faces as we are buying their merchandise for pennies on the dollar, and they have big yellow 'everything must go" banners across to front of their stores. We have none and all the shopplifters know it. Why have them if they can't do a simple job? It relaxes me to walk around and look at pretty things. We support the growth of our business by helping customers get answers to their questions. If you paid using a gift card, TJ Maxx would deliver your refund in the form of a merchandise credit. lest you be mistaken for the filthy pigs that frequent the santa clara store. if a customer does not have their receipt and does not have tags on the item, i will not return it. Everything is very open with a clear description of the challenges. I spend quite a bit of time matching a bracelet and cover up to it for my mother in law for Mothers Day. And, the people who shop in TJMaxx should understand the pressures they are under. WebOn the flip side, customers cannot return items purchased at physical locations through the mail. T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods are part of the TJX Companies family. AMEN SISTERS! Our rules do change weekly, we're as bipolar as you. I was told to go and find the receipt and then bring it back. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); Your email address will not be published. There is also an in-store return and exchange option at shop branches, which saves you money on shipping. what, is this your way of "playing" like your a real shopper? Swimwear and lingerie may be refused if the tags are not removed. It just makes you look like a complete idiot when you have been fighting with the customer for 10 minutes explaining store policies to them. Make sure to check your product before you send it back, Item exchanges are not available for this purchase method, T.J.Maxx allows returns of merchandise that appears as new within 30 days of purchase, Receipts will speed up the returns process, but T.J.Maxx may still require your signature, Youll need to provide a valid ID and your signature if you dont have a receipt, Use the shipping label included in the receipt for a $9.99 deduction on shipping fees, Drop the package off at the shipping carrier stated on the return label, Make sure to add the receipt or a printed shipping email to the package as proof of purchase, Describe the item, purchase details, and the reason why you wish to return it. We can't accuse "innocent" people. We want to be proud of our store when our customers enter. Customers will receive a refund or an exchange for the bought item(s). I removed and to clarify the sentence. They rather just stand there and fight with you. Fraud That's the way I feel about that. with dog piss all over it. WebReturn Question: Broken Jewelry My mom and grandma bought me a wonderful gold necklace and bracelet set for my birthday less than 30 days ago from TJ MAXX. WebIf you wish to cancel the transaction you may return any item that you purchased at any TJ MAXx store within 30 days from the date of purchase without a receipt to the store where the item was purchased. First write them a letter and tell them never to call you again ( you must do that) in fact, send it registered if you can afford it or take a friend if you live in there area and politely hand it to the person who has been calling you, if unable to do that ask the person at the desk if Mr/Mrs/Ms work here even if they are vague let them know this is the phone number attached to this address (do a reverse phone call to get the address, many places are listed on the WWW) leave a copy of the letter stating " you do not what this person Or any other person to call you that as any relationship with this company" also let the person your talking to know this is a letter stating you know longer want anyone to call you. I gave her my resume with references and never heard anything. I know this worked for me. I just asked for a transfer because of school, its been three weeks since I made this move, and I asked to start work at this new store a week after I got there. TJ Maxx is closed on these three holidays i..e Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, & Christmas Day. On Other Holidays The TJ Maxx is Open but TJ Maxx Business Hours are some less. New Years Day Open I am convinced that this attitude towards the employees starts at the very top. WebThe T.J.Maxx holiday return policy is quite similar to the regular one. Their merchandise has become inferior and is thinning out and they have become very nasty with their return policies and hiring very poor sales help, who also lie, scheme and steal and hide things from the customers for themselves if they don't want the customer to have it. I think it's hilarious when people call citing the description of an item (of hundreds) with maybe the style number -- like I'm going to sift through ceramic dish stock all day. TJ Maxx. I am not an expert at anything besides what I learned my self, TJ Maxx employees are not trained to give you information about anything in the store. She was working with another employee who had me wait to find out if it was on sale. WebYou can return items that you are unhappy with within 30 to 40 days of purchase, although the company accepts returns that fall outside that window. Customers can also use a receipt or proof of purchase, or get store We make 2 announcements saying we are about to close and 1 saying we are closed! Bezad Ahmad is From UK and Love to write unique Content. Correction: December 21, 2022 An earlier version of this story used an image of a Coach retail store which suggested that Coach charged for mail returns company-wide. I love it when nasty salespeople who think they have the "power" to decline a return because of their unprofessional Large conglomerates (Multi-billion dollar in the case of TJX NASDAQ trading at around $78 per share) have loss prevention peeps who don't chase down shoplifters to arrest them; that's not their role. The TJ Maxx I work at has about the worst security ever! You will be asked for this document again when you need to complete the transaction. The company limits your return policy to three times per year, however, you are allowed to return an item up to three times per year. And it is all the same here! oh my goodness and to the employee who posted a few above me, CUSTOMERS ### ON OUR WALLS TOO! A survey of more than 2,000 US consumers by Happy Returns, a company that helps retailers process their returns, found that 87% of respondents check a retailer's return policy before making a purchase online, with many looking for free returns. Also, after 30 days its store credit no if and or butts about it. Some items cannot be returned, like broken items and have been opened, but T.J. Maxx does offer a 30-day no-hassle return policy on all items. We are ripped off all the time by the same people. 12 r/Ulta Join and now, i would like to use the rest of my posting to address the customers at the santa clara tj maxx: you are, without a doubt, the grossest, most inconsiderate, disgusting people i have ever had the misfortune to be around. The fragrance smelled a little sour but I wasn't sure if it's supposed to smell like that (it's Fantasy by Britney Spears and has a kiwi note). tj maxx needs to stop worrying that if a customer gets offended they might not come back, and start taking pride in their store and its merchandise. To be clear, some things are not refundable. You can return items to T.J.Maxx either by: Items purchased online or in store can be returned to any T.J.Maxx store near you. Loss Prevention Cookie Notice T.J. Maxx has a strict return policy. 1. Secondly A girl went to help her Grandparents move from another country and said she wanted to come back to tj maxx when she got back so she was gone for a total of 11 weeks and 6days. longs peak death 2021,

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